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Divas Rhinestones Aurora



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Colour: Light Pink Aurora
Colour Description: Pink Base with Pink Prism
Material: Glass Crystal
Facets: 14 Facet cut


Original Divas Rhinestones ELTANIN Rose #2020 14 facet cut, glass crystal rhinestones have a higher profile and a smaller table which produces more brilliance on the outer edges and a broader spectrum of colours. The stones have a superior prism effect because of the longer sides and have been specifically designed for increased crystal refraction and a stunning brilliance under stage lights. The ELTANIN Rose #2020 has a non hotfix, silver flatback which aids in better light reflection and is easily affixed with our specialised HiTack glue.

Our rhinestones do not have glue set on the back therefore you will require separate glue to affix them.
We highly recommend HiTack glue to affix the stones to fabric.
You can find HiTack Glue HERE

For any questions or specific order requirements please contact us at or contact us on the customer service chat.

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