PEARLS - Light Amethyst

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Colour: Light Amethyst
Colour Description: Smooth Lilac
Material: Acrylic


Our Divas Rhinestones faux flat back pearls feature an acrylic core covered with a beautiful silky smooth pearl coating. The finish gives the pearls' surface flawless sheen and luster. The pearls feature a flat bottom so they can be easily glued to a variety of items. Pearls will add sophistication and elegance to any design. 

The Divas Rhinestones pearls are made in four graduating sizes:  3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. We stock a variety of colors. They are used in many industries for costumes, dance, dancesport, skating, ice skating, equestrian, show costumes and crafts. 

Our pearls do not have glue set on the back and therefore require separate glue to affix them.

We highly recommend HiTack glue to affix the pearls to fabric.
You can find HiTack Glue HERE

For any questions or specific order requirements please contact us at or contact us on the customer service chat.